Emma Stone Praises Jennifer Lawrence’s Humble Personality: “I’m Grateful She Exists”

Emma Stone Praises Jennifer Lawrence’s Humble Personality: “I’m Grateful She Exists”


emma stone jennifer lawrence friendsEmma Stone has praised Jennifer Lawrence’s confidence ever since she first blew up on the scene, yet still remaining totally humble.

Jennifer has caused controversy in the past for bashing magazines who photoshopped her images to perfection while certain directors wouldn’t hire her because she was considered “too fat” for the role.

The actress claimed that she would never lose a drastic amount of weight for a movie role and if the director didn’t like how she looked, then they’d have to go searching for somebody else to take on the job.

Now, Emma has spoken out and praised J-Law for being so inspiring and motivational for simply being herself and not letting Hollywood get the better of her to the point where she doesn’t even recognize herself anymore.

“Well, I just think she’s great, isn’t she?” Stone tells Stylist. “She is so inspiring to me, and I am so grateful that she exists in the world, as someone who is authentic and who has not bent to fit any idea of what a woman should be like in that kind of position.”

She then went on to add: “And she is so talented. I am just so happy that she is around for women everywhere. It’s just fantastic.”

Stone also praised other women in Hollywood who’ve also shown courage and bravery, such as X-Men starlet Ellen Page who announced she was gay earlier this year.

“Like Ellen Page [coming out during a speech], did you see that? I mean, how fantastic is that? There are a lot of really brave women in the industry right now, who are daring to be themselves and not fit into this stupid ‘actress’ mould, and that’s really inspiring.”



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