Rita Ora and Robert Pattinson Dating: Is Rob’s New Hookup Just a...

Rita Ora and Robert Pattinson Dating: Is Rob’s New Hookup Just a Rebound?


robert pattinson rita ora dating 2014Rumors are swirling around that Rita Ora and Robert Pattinson are officially dating.

The story first emerged when both Rob and Rita were spotted at Coachella together.

They reportedly met through mutual friends and it didn’t take long before things kicked off from there.

On Wednesday evening, Pattinson and Ora were seen at a Sam Smith concert in Los Angeles which immediately gave onlookers the impression that they were dating.

Taking a so-called friend out to a concert doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dating the person, but Rita is very much known to be a serial dater (and dumper), having famously dated Rob Kardashian who claimed she cheated on him with over twenty guys in just one year.

Rita is also blamed for Rob’s downfall and sudden weight gain. At least that’s what his sisters have claimed in previous interviews. Seems like she can be a real heartbreaker when it comes down to it.

Anyway, the thought of these two hooking up is pretty sad because we’re still hoping that Robert Pattinson will eventually run back into Kristen Stewart’s arms, marry her and settle down for good.

The actor has been linked to so many women in the last few months that if we were to believe every single story, he’s clearly facing a lot of issues when it comes to his dating life as he can’t seem to commit himself to one relationship.

Hmm, maybe him and Rita do fit together after all?

A source close to the Twilight star is strongly denying the rumors, saying: “Rob and Rita have a lot in common when it comes to music, but they are not hooking up. They are both fans of Sam Smith, who played a sold out show at the Belasco Theater in LA.”

We’re still convinced there’s something going on. And do note that Rita is supposedly still seeing Calvin Harris – who she dumped in February before taking him back a week later. Yikes!



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