Ellen Degeneres To Announce Portia de Rossi Divorce “Once Tabloid Rumors Slown...

Ellen Degeneres To Announce Portia de Rossi Divorce “Once Tabloid Rumors Slown Down” — REPORT


portia de rossi ellen degeneres splitEllen Degeneres is keeping up with her lies by supposedly planning her divorce from Portia de Rossi once the media stops attacking her on what they already know is true.

If you’ve been following the tabloid stories for the past few months you’d know that they haven’t given the talk-show host a break; constantly claiming that Ellen is controlling, obsessive, jealous, an alcoholic and emotionally abusive.

All of the above are very, very, very hard to believe and to be honest, it’s rather funny to hear that Ellen could ever be associated with any of these things. But these are the tabloids — you can’t ever take them seriously.

Which is why I call bogus on this newest story on how Ellen is now waiting for the tabs to stop talking about her and Portia before she finally pulls the plug on her marriage from the actress.

The two have supposedly been living an unhappy married life for the last couple of months and it’s gotten to the point where both of them have realized that they’re better off without each other.

Ellen has strongly denied these claims on numerous occasions but the tabs haven’t stopped printing the stories over and over again. Call us crazy but when a tabloid re-prints a story it’s either because they have valid evidence and are awaiting for the person to admit to it, or they’re just making a lotta money of the story.

I guess it’s a mixture of both when it comes to these two.

But the fact that all tabloids consistently write that Ellen Degeneres is crazy in her marriage and how it’s now at that point where they’re ready for divorce, there’s gotta be some truth to it, right? I’m so puzzled about this.

Well, Ellen reportedly thinks that if she was to confirm the divorce now then the tabloids will dedicate an entire week of stories on her and how “they told you so” about the separation for months and months.

This makes no sense to me because whether she announces it today or in a year, the tabloids will always be able to refer to the time when they said this and that happened.

Whatcha think about Ellen and Portia sticking it through until the media frenzy dies down before the two confirm their divorce plans?



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