Kim Kardashian Bans Khloe’s Beau, French Montana, From Wedding — Fears He’s...

Kim Kardashian Bans Khloe’s Beau, French Montana, From Wedding — Fears He’s Using Her For Fame!

kim kardashian french montana wedding khloe

kim kardashian french montana wedding khloe

French Montana has been banned from Kim Kardashian’s forthcoming wedding because the reality star thinks he’s a bad influence on sister, Khloe.

We recently learned that Koko and Frenchy were an item. Of course the situation then turned a little messy when we also discovered that the rapper was still in a relationship with Atlanta’s born and raised singer Trina, so Kim has every reason to believe that this fella is bad news.

If you’re unfamiliar with Trina, she’s the one that consistently refers to herself as “the baddest chick,” and boasts about having released six studio albums — all which have failed to chart on the Billboard Top 100. Womp.

Peep the photo of Khloe, Kim and Trina below:

trina khloe kardashian kim

He pretty much dumped Trina in a matter of days after getting close to Khloe, and now that the two are a pair, French knows that his popularity is going to be flying through the roof.

This supposedly links all back to Kim who has told Khloe she’ll not be supporting her new relationship, having already being turned off by the fact that the 29-year old would ditch his girlfriend of three years to jump in bed with a Kardashian.

Kim was a big fan of Lamar Odom but knew that the marriage was going to end seeing that the NBA payer wasn’t going to try and seek help for his alleged drug addiction.

And though she wants her sister to finally be happy with the man of her choice, the 33-year old cringes whenever she thinks of having French Montana at her “classy,” and “chique” wedding, according to inTouch magazine.

In case you haven’t noticed, Kim has distanced herself from anybody that isn’t as perfect as she is. If you want to hang with Kim, you gotta look a certain way, behave a certain way and act a certain way — all of these are things that French Montana can’t relate to.

The mag fails to mention other reasons why Kimmy has this strong hate agains the rapper, but would we be wrong to suggest that Kim may have slept with French first and now that he’s sleeping with her sister, she’s outraged by it and refuses to be anywhere near him?

Hey, it’s only a possibility, right? The socialite had “been around the block” during her mid-20s so it’s fair to assume that there may have been something going on between them perhaps a couple of years ago.

Either way, it’s Kim Kardashian’s wedding and she gets to decide what she wants, who she wants there and all the other stupid stuff that anti-Kardashians couldn’t care less about.


  1. I don’t get why these black men are falling over themselves for these girls. Only two of them are cute. And only one of them naturally.l


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