Nina Dobrev Jealous Over Ian Somerhalder’s New Girlfriend Molly Swenson?

Nina Dobrev Jealous Over Ian Somerhalder’s New Girlfriend Molly Swenson?

ian somerhalder nina dobrev kiss

nina dobrev coachella datingIs Nina Dobrev jealous over Ian Somerhalder’s new romance to girlfriend, Molly Swenson?

According to reports, the Vampire Diaries starlet was “stunned” to learn that Ian had finally moved on from her with the former American Idol contestant, and from what’s being said, the relationship is pretty damn serious.

It’s too early to tell whether or not Ian will make her a keeper (because he tends to have his ways with the ladies) but sources are saying that the two are definitely keeping their fresh romance sizzling, and Nina ain’t too happy about it.

So why would she be bothered?

Believe it or not, but Nina actually thought she’d have another shot at getting back with her ex-boyfriend of almost one year.

Ian and Nina broke up in May, 2013 having revealed in the statement at the time that they were still to remain good friends and that their break-up wouldn’t conflict with their work on the CW show.

Since the split was confirmed, there have been dozens of stories floating around, such as the time when Ian and Nina reportedly “looked as if they were trying to work things out between each other,” after being spotted at a restaurant by an onlooker during the summer of last year.

Dobrev would then go on to date Derek Hough, showing clear signs that she and Ian weren’t getting back together.

The relationship ended after a month and Nina has remained single ever since. So I guess the strange thing about this all is that though Nina has dated other famous men in the industry, she thinks it’s okay to make a fuss about Ian finally moving on from her?

You’d think that a girl who has gone out of her way to keep her distance from Somerhalder, would be happy to learn that her ex has moved on, but no — she’s still attached to him, and the sad thing about it is that he’s totally over her.

Gotta feel bad for the girl, seeing that she considered Ian to be her “first true love,” and now that Ian has found somebody new, she’s struggling to cope knowing that she’ll most likely never have another shot at being with him.



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