Adele Planning Comeback This Year: Set To Release Third Album in October!

Adele Planning Comeback This Year: Set To Release Third Album in October!


adele albumAdele is reportedly planning to release her third album in October.

The singer, who has sold more than fifteen million albums with her sophomore 21, has been recording new material in her recording — in fact, she’s almost done and is ready for the world to hear her new music.

Current plans are that Adele releases the record at the end of the year after a couple of gigs to support the album, while the source stresses that an actual world tour could potentially be delayed until 2016.

“This is the most exciting and promising news fans have had from Adele for ages. She is considering a comeback gig to promote her new CD. Her voice has been getting stronger over time and she has been working hard to rehabilitate it.”

“A world tour is still a long way off, certainly a conventional series of shows. Everything will be on her terms. The key to all these plans is that Adele feels comfortable with her voice,” the source continued.

“She has vowed that she never wants to break down during a tour or put her voice through so much stress that she suffers problems. Her doctors warned her that stress could also mean more surgery, and she is adamant that she never wants to go through that again.”

Adele had a lot of issues with her voice back in 2011 before eventually undergoing surgery. Despite the fact that everything’s okay now, the 25-year old wants to make sure that she doesn’t end up going through the same process again of suddenly losing her voice and having to put everything on hold.

And of course she has to think about her son, Angelo James, who’ll probably be traveling with mommy once she embarks on this exciting new journey with the forthcoming album.

Adele was the most successful artist in 2011 AND 2012 worldwide. Her hits are timeless, her second record has gone down in history and we’re sure she’ll recapture that kind of success when October comes.


  1. Yes! I know she said no heartbreak songs, but we need her to do at least one. Can’t wait for this album to drop


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