Julianne Hough Returning To ‘Dancing With the Stars’ As “Career Declines” Post-Ryan...

Julianne Hough Returning To ‘Dancing With the Stars’ As “Career Declines” Post-Ryan Seacrest Split


julianne hough dwtsJulianne Hough is planning to return to Dancing With the Stars following a career downfall ever since she split from longtime boyfriend, Ryan Seacrest.

The professional dancer has enjoyed a lot of success in recent years — she’s bagged herself several movie roles, endorsement deals and a good paying stint on DWTS — but most of that came crashing down when her romance sizzled out.

STAR magazine reveals that Julianne is struggling to land any good offers. The acting jobs have slowed down immensely and a few of her partnerships recently ended and were not renewed, hinting that even they knew Ms. Hough is no longer hot in Hollywood.

There’s no denying that her relationship to Ryan Seacrest – the man who does it all – was securing her a great future away from the ball room.

But one year after the split and it seems like Julianne has lost everything when she and Seacrest decided to go their own ways. So much to say that she’s now considering heading back to DWTS in hopes that she can at least continue earning some kind of steady paycheck, the source said.

The 25-year old probably became too big headed when she was ahead of her game by signing on to many exciting projects while eventually finding it hard to keep working on the ABC hit show but it’s funny how things have now become full circle as she plans her return.

Question is… are the producers of the show going to want her back? Last series, Julianne famously stepped in as a guest judge before reprising the role again earlier this month.

And not to forget that her brother Derek is still working on the program too so maybe he can have some kind of influence on their decision when Julianne approaches them.


  1. She should have gotten pregnant by Ryan. . . if that was at all possible. LOL. Sadly, she’s just another basic blond young actress, they’re a dime a dozen.


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