Lil Kim Reveals Gender Of Baby Ahead Of Forthcoming Baby Shower in New York City — PHOTO

lil kim pregnantLil Kim has announced the gender of her baby, and it’s a girl.

The rapper took to her official Twitter page last night to let her fans in on her pregnancy news, seeing that Kim has literally stayed out of the limelight ever since she dropped the bombshell earlier this year. 

The tweet read: “Happy Easter everyone !!!! What a perfect day to share this wonderful news with U.”

“The fab @davidtutera is throwing my royal baby shower for my lil’ princess 5/10/14!!! Thank U for the awesome graphic @dustyaceti !!!! Muahhhh!!! #TeamLilKim. Love U all so much !!! Muahhhh !!!”

Lil Kim’s baby shower, as mentioned above, is expected to take place on May 10th in New York City and there’s no doubt that close pals such as P. Diddy, Missy Elliott and Eve will stop through to show the soon-to-be new momma some love.

I wonder if Nicki Minaj will randomly stop through.

lil kim baby girl

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. MrsGrapevine

    April 21, 2014 at 6:31 pm

    I wonder what this baby will look like, will she look just like the old Kim, or like her father. It’s probably best she takes after her father.

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