Angelina Jolie Refusing To Let Maddox See His Biological Parents — REPORT

Angelina Jolie Refusing To Let Maddox See His Biological Parents — REPORT


angelina jolie maddoxAngelina Jolie fears her son, Maddox, will leave her and Brad Pitt once he finds his biological parents.

The 12-year old has been spending long nights on the computer, trying to trace down his relatives and siblings from Cambodia where Angelina adopted him from.

And though the actress didn’t see an issue with him searching for his parents, it has now gotten to the point where all Maddox does is talk about how he wants to reunite with his real family and how much he misses them. 

Jolie is starting to worry that Maddox will want to leave the Brangelina family for good and return to his hometown, OK! magazine is alleging.

The 38-year old “has become worried because he’s talking a lot about traveling to Cambodia,” the source says. “He spends hours on the Internet in an attempt to trace relatives. He says it’s his dream to be reunited with his real family.”

Brad, on the other hand, is reportedly “reassuring Angie that what Maddox is doing is totally normal for an inquisitive kid,” and that there shouldn’t be anything to worry about.

During the adoption process, aren’t you usually supposed to exchange contact details or stay in touch with the biological parents? If so, then why wouldn’t Angie simply hand him over the deets on where to find them to save all the hassle?

Ah yes — because the story is fabricated by the magazine and Maddox isn’t really spending hours on the computer, trying to hunt down his family in Cambodia.

With all the traveling that the family does, I’m sure Angelina has taken Maddox to his hometown on many occasions, and she probably even invites them to come and stay in the States every now and then too. She’s just that kind of person.

OK! really needs to step up their game on the lies they spread — it’s just not that believable anymore. Womp!



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