Chris Brown Jailed Until June: Judge Denies Request For Freedom as Trial...

Chris Brown Jailed Until June: Judge Denies Request For Freedom as Trial Gets Postponed


chris brown cryingChris Brown will stay in jail until June at the very least, the judge has ordered.

The singer was probably shocked to learn that his request to be released from the slammer has been denied while his trial in the Washington D.C case won’t be held until June.

Quite frankly, this is terrible news for Chris who’ll now fly back to Los Angeles and face at least another two months behind bars before he’ll then make his way back to D.C when the case will finally be picked up on.

But even then, Chris will have very small chances of being freed because according to reports, a limousine driver who witnessed the singer punch his alleged victim last year, has come forward and admitted to having seen Breezy throw a punch before his bodyguard threw the second one.

His bodyguard has already admitted to attacking the male victim but Chris is still denying ever laying hands on him, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in June but should he be found guilty, Breezy could face up to four years behind bars, according to TMZ.

And by the way that they have been treating him in the last few weeks, I’d say there’s a slight chance he could get out, but I strongly believe he’ll be doing a couple of years behind bars — probably just to made an example of.

Chris Brown makes great music (every now and then) but putting your hands on people and all of these controversies he’s caused in the past isn’t going to do him any good — maybe prison is the right place for him to be for a while. Just so that he can acknowledge the things he has and not take them for granted.



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