Ellen Degeneres Stunned By Portia de Rossi “Pregnancy Shocker” — Marriage in...

Ellen Degeneres Stunned By Portia de Rossi “Pregnancy Shocker” — Marriage in Turmoil

ellen degeneres portia de rossi pregnant

ellen degeneres portia de rossi pregnantPortia de Rossi’s “pregnancy shocker” has left Ellen Degeneres so furious, she’s ready to file for divorce.

The ridiculous report that the National Enquirer are shoving down our throats this week can’t even be taken seriously, simply because it’s poorly written and lacks facts and any evidence.

The tabloid dishes that – out of nowhere – Portia suddenly decided she wants to have children and at least experience pregnancy once. This, supposedly, is a huge deal to Ellen who has openly stressed in the past that she doesn’t want to have kids — ever!

The tabloid goes on to say that the cheating, alcoholic and abuse allegations in their marriage is now being topped with the news that Portia wants a baby with or without Ellen.

Clearly they didn’t think the story through; why would a couple who are allegedly divorcing want to think about having kids together? Stupidity at its finest, right?

Anyway, “close sources” to the couple reveal: “Portia’s now desperate to hear the pitter-patter of little feet. What’s more, she’s telling pals she’s ready to take the plunge into motherhood — with or without Ellen!

And “this baby crisis could be the final straw” in their marriage, the tab adds.

Portia de Rossi went into the relationship knowing that Ellen didn’t want to have kids, and I recall Portia saying that she didn’t want any kids as well, let alone “experience pregnancy.”

“Portia has flat-out told Ellen that she wants a baby or a divorce,” the insider then went on to tell the same magazine who has been reporting the couple’s divorce for a year now. I’m starting to wonder why neither of the two still haven’t filed yet.

Oh yeah, that’s right — because there isn’t a divorce, nor does Ellen have a drinking problem.



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