Jada Pinkett-Smith Filming CNN Documentary On Prostitution: Why Women Aspire To Be...

Jada Pinkett-Smith Filming CNN Documentary On Prostitution: Why Women Aspire To Be Strippers — VIDEO


jada pinkett-smith facebookWhile she’s busy working on her new TV-show, Gotham, Jada Pinkett-Smith has still managed to find the time to star in an upcoming CNN documentary about human trafficking.

The controversial, yet ever-so-growing topic, is a new project that the actress has taken onboard as she tries to uncover the lives of women who sell their bodies whether it may be to make ends meet, or because it’s considered their newly-found passion.

Jada updated her fans on Facebook earlier this week after having spoken to several women who – on a daily basis – either strip or sleep with men for the sake of money.

What was so interesting about the video update she posted was that, as I mentioned above, young women tend to be influenced on their decisions by what they see on television, music videos and maybe even what their favorite musicians do.

The 42-year old stresses her message in the 5-minute long video, recalling the time when she was growing up that being a stripper was a total no-no — if you were a stripper back in the day, you’d be looked down on, but these days, we tend to praise people for shaking their booties.

I’m so excited on this documentary because it’s real; we tend to forget that stripping shouldn’t be something to be proud of, neither should it be a profession young girls should be looking up to.

Via Don’t Sell Bodies: “It’s hard to believe, but more humans are being used as slaves than ever before. Between 700,000 and 4 million women and children will be trafficked this year, with the majority being forced to work in the sex trade.”

In her message, Jada continued to write: “Wish me luck. I start shooting a documentary about human trafficking with CNN this week.”

“I will be speaking with survivors and convicted traffickers in jail. I will be putting up daily recorded diary entries about my experience on the website, Don’t Sell Bodies. Pray that I have the sight for all things needed with this project.”

Sidenote; she’s rockin’ that new hair ‘do. Video below:



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