Rita Ora Talks Rihanna Comparisons, Rob Kardashian Break-Up, and ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ Role on ‘Breakfast Club’

rita ora breakfast club

rita ora breakfast clubRita Ora stopped by at the Breakfast Club earlier this morning as she continues her promotional tour for her latest single, I Will Never Let You Down.

The 23-year old R&B singer definitely didn’t hold back on the inappropriate questions Charlamagne and DJ Envy would throw at her — you’ve gotta realize that this interview is filmed in the morning, so asking sex questions can be a huge turnoff, right? Haha.

Rita handled herself quite well though; she spoke about the Rihanna comparisons that have been going around since she first came in the music industry.

Though she claims their feud is “just a rumor,” the way she delivered her sentence didn’t seem confident enough for us to believe her. I, for one, definitely believe there’s some friction between the two and Ora really didn’t want to touch subject on it too much.

At the MTV Movie Awards, I told you about the video where Rita avoided making eye contact with Rihanna, hinting that the two clearly don’t get along with each other.

The RocNation signed artist then went on to speak about Rob Kardashian, who hasn’t stopped gaining weight since the two broke up back in 2012.

Charlamagne joked that Rob looked like he ate the man Bruce Jenner once used to be, to which Rita shared a little chuckle to. She did add that the reality star is a “good guy,” but denies the rumor he spread on Twitter at the time claiming she slept with 20 guys in a year.

Questions then went on, such as why she thinks she still hasn’t been able to break America the way she has in the UK. Rita Ora is a pretty big deal back in Britain, having landed herself four number one singles and holding the title for biggest-selling album in 2012 with Ora. 

I gotta be honest. I was rubbed the wrong way by Rita when I heard the cheating allegations, but she definitely seems to be moving in the right direction. She cleared up some things she would usually never talk about and quite frankly she’s quite genuine. A side we rarely see from her.

See the interview below, it’s good!

Written by Merema Leures

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