Robert Pattinson Kissed Katy Perry at Coachella; Supposed “Sexual Tension” Confirms Hook Up

robert pattinson katy perry coachella datingRobert Pattinson “planted a kiss” on Katy Perry when they both attended Coachella together on April 12th, Life & Style reports.

The Hollywood stars, who have been linked to each other several times in the past, are now supposedly dating — that is if you believe this magazine which has reported a lot of nonsense in the past.

Either way, the story develops as their close insiders reportedly witnessed Rob following Katy around Coachella “like a puppy.” He was so attached to her which made it obvious they were going out.

“There is so much sexual tension between them,” that it was “eventually bound to happen,” the source then goes on to add. Sexual tension at Coachella? Don’t make me laugh.

Robert Pattinson is such a private guy that you wouldn’t even see him hold hands with another woman in public, let alone show some kind of “sexual tension” at such a huge festival.

Oh, and here’s the best part. The tabloid then adds that one of the people at the event allegedly overheard Katy telling Robert Pattinson over the phone, “You know this won’t work,” assuming that Rob would’ve had his phone on speaker.

Of course this is the same outlet which said that Rob was back with Kristen Stewart, then he supposedly dumped her again, they got back together and now he’s suddenly making out with Katy Perry.

Awesome journalism — to the point where I give this facial expression whenever I see the words “Life & Style.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. MrsGrapevine

    April 23, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    After seeing that gif, I forgot what this article was about. LMBO! I agree how did they over hear someone on the other end of the phone at Coachella Festival. Besides Rob is not messed up enough to be Katy’s type…

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