Ciara Displays Baby Bump in W Magazine Photoshoot: Confirms New Album and...

Ciara Displays Baby Bump in W Magazine Photoshoot: Confirms New Album and Upcoming Wedding Plans

ciara pregnant w magazine

ciara pregnant w magazine 4Ciara better werk that baby bump!

The 28-year old recently did a photoshoot with W magazine and the photos, which have now been released, are absolutely stunning. CiCi is displaying her fuller curves as she shows her fans how much her bump has grown.

Though she’s already confirmed she’s expecting a boy, we would’ve guessed it anyway seeing that she’s her stomach is huge — but in a good way. Haha.

Only boys usually tend to get this big, and now that this shoot was done a few weeks back, so imagine how big she must be now.

Ciara is really pulling off her pregnancy well.

Any Ciara fan would know that she likes staying in shape, so it must’ve been difficult for her to suddenly see her abs fade away as she prepared herself for a nine-month journey.

Well, not exactly. Ci explains that being pregnant was actually a nice change for her because it finally gave her an excuse not to be in shape all the time. “It feels good to not have to wonder whether your abs are tight enough,” she says. “I like not being so perfect,” she told the mag.

And if you thought Ciara will be slowing down after the birth of her son, you’re mistaking because according to the singer herself, she’s already gearing up to release her forthcoming album, and it’ll definitely be out sometime this year.

“As for her own future in music, she has no hesitations. Her upcoming album (due “really soon”) is, she claims, her best yet,” the magazine wrote in the column.

“I will go on record saying so,” she says. And following the birth of her son, she plans to get back into shape fast. “As soon as the body says hit the gym, I’m gonna hit the gym. I’ve been having a lot of food fun.”

So the birth of her son and a new album are what’s coming up for Ciara, but what about her wedding? Well, it seems like that’ll be pushed back until next year because let’s face it, she hasn’t even experience motherhood yet so once she adjusts to the new lifestyle she’ll know how much she’ll be able to do and what she can’t do.

Either way, Ci has finally found happiness. So happy for her and the baby. She’s due to pop in the next couple of days, sources are reporting so we can not wait to see the first photos Ciara will surely end up sharing on Instagram.

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