Katy Perry Hooking Up With Jared Leto, Days After “Being Caught Making...

Katy Perry Hooking Up With Jared Leto, Days After “Being Caught Making Out” with Robert Pattinson


katy perry dating jared letoKaty Perry and Jared Leto are being hooked up by their close pals who feel the two would “make a perfect couple,” OK! magazine reports.

The same mag that recently claimed Katy was showing “sexual chemistry” with Robert Pattinson at Coachella, is now claiming she’s all of a sudden considering going on a date with the Oscar-award winning actor-singer.

OK! must think Katy is dating everybody in Hollywood.

Either way, one of their “close sources” explains: “Katy Perry and Jared Leto are being fixed up by mutual friends who are convinced the pair are a match made in heaven.”

“Jared is just Katy’s type, and he’s had a major crush on her for years. They both spent time at Coachella, and he’s trying to arrange a date, or at least a chance to hang with her alone.”

The source then went on to add that both Perry and Jared have the same kind of taste in music and Leto has grown closer to Katy ever since they hung out at the music festival earlier this month — so if his friends were to make this date happen, he’d be totally down for it.

An official rep for the 29-year old has denied the story, stating there was absolutely “no truth” to the rumor that the magazine was spreading in their latest issue, and that Katy and Jared are just good friends.

Besides, both of them are way too busy to be thinking about going on dates; Perry will be heading out on a world tour in May while Jared and his band members will kick off their 30 Seconds to Mars gigs later this month.

So when exactly was this supposed “date night” going to happen?



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