Kenya Moore Says Porsha Williams Fight Was “Disgusting,” Wants Her Replaced on...

Kenya Moore Says Porsha Williams Fight Was “Disgusting,” Wants Her Replaced on RHOA!

kenya moore porsha williams rhoa

kenya moore porsha williams rhoa

Kenya Moore has weighed in on the Porsha Williams brawl which aired on Sunday evening, saying that she would most definitely want to see her cast-member replaced with someone “non-violent.”

Moore threatened to quit the Real Housewives of Atlanta if Porsha wasn’t getting the boot. How many of you actually believe that she would quit? Nobody? Didn’t think so!

Anyway, after arriving in New York yesterday morning, the reality star refused to dish on what kind of further actions she was planning to take against Williams, who she clearly taunted and teased throughout the reunion show.

You know, Kenya is really annoying and all, but the reunion really made everybody see how stupid she is. She says she doesn’t condone violence, but does she condone bullying and emotionally abusing someone.

Correct me if I’m wrong but laughing about someone’s failed marriage, accusing them of cheating on their partner and supposedly having prove, then going on about how the relationship was fake to begin with, would drive anybody mad.

And then you come to the reunion show with all your props to be funny — no ma’am. I don’t condone violence either but Kenya needed her butt whooped that day to learn that her actions were the reason why Porsha reacted the way she did.

“I appreciate the support from all the people who clearly saw what happened,” she told a TMZ cameramen as she touched down in NY, presumably getting ready to shoot another episode on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Kenya has no right to play the victim role in this case. Had Porsha – out of nowhere – started throwing her hands on Kenya, then I totally wouldn’t stick up for her nor would I say that it was appropriate, but knowing the situation and seeing how Kenya “bullied” the girl, Kenya had it coming.

… and Kenya, stop saying you’re leaving the show. We all know you ain’t going nowhere… that is unless the producers want you gone.



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