Angelina Jolie Still “Hooking Up” with Billy Bob Thornton; Cancels Brad Pitt...

Angelina Jolie Still “Hooking Up” with Billy Bob Thornton; Cancels Brad Pitt Wedding?


angelina jolie billy bob thornton datingAngelina Jolie is supposedly hooking up with her ex-husband Billy Bob Thornton, which is said to be the reason why Angie has yet to marry fiance Brad Pitt.

The story, which first originated on CDL, claims that the Hollywood power couple are “intentionally not getting married” because Jolie is still very much in love with Billy whom she regular sees from time to time.

If Brad and Angie were to get married, they know that seeing other people in their relationship wouldn’t be tolerable which is why they decided to stay engaged for as long as possible to keep the doors open on what the report considers is “an open relationship.”

But of course this nonsense had to have been established somewhere right? Well, a recent interview that Billy gave to FOX News seems to have been the inspiration for this bogus story.

The famous actor admitted that he still stays in contact with Angelina, saying: “Oh of course, yeah. She’s amazing, amazing. She’s got so much energy and so much goodness in her, and we check in on each other all the time. She makes sure I’m doing okay. I make sure she’s doing okay.”

So this is the supposed evidence that Angie doesn’t want to marry Brad Pitt and that she’s still in love with Billy? And this is also the evidence that the two are in an open relationship?


Clearly the story is far fetched and revolves around the idea of an open relationship just because Angelina Jolie still stays in touch with her ex-husband.

Tiger Woods is still on friendly terms with his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren — does that mean Tiger is in an open relationship with current girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn? No!


  1. The headlines made me laugh, Angelina is NOT thinking about the ex with two first names. If she leaves Brad it will be for an orphan or a charity.


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