Justin Bieber Releases New Song ‘Hard 2 Face Reality’ — LISTEN

Justin Bieber Releases New Song ‘Hard 2 Face Reality’ — LISTEN

justin bieber smoking

justin bieber smokingJustin Bieber has unveiled a new track titled Hard 2 Face Reality.

Is he trying to tell us something? “Hard to face reality,” as in hard to face the fact that the 20-year old’s career is declining thanks to all the scandals over the past few months, or “hard to face reality” over his supposed recent split from Selena Gomez?

Whatever the message behind the lyrics may be, the song sees Justin showcase his “vocals” as the change from pop music is really starting to show in his latest work.

It was recently said that Justin plans on releasing a Rap/R&B album as his forthcoming studio record, and sources close to the singer revealed that songs have already been penned with the likes of rapper Future, Birdman, Lil’ Wayne and Drake.

Whether this risky move will pull off will be something we’re going to hold our breath on, but on a positive note, his latest release doesn’t sound as bad as the bubblegum music he previously presented to his fans.

If this Justin Bieber track was to be played on the radio, I finally wouldn’t need to see a reason to change the station. The melody is great and the lyrics are… well… very simple. But whatever — despite the fact that he repeats his words over and over again, the song is good.

Maybe the change in music for him is the right move after all?



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