Kylie Jenner’s Alleged Drug and Alcohol Abuse — Behaving Like Lindsay Lohan,...

Kylie Jenner’s Alleged Drug and Alcohol Abuse — Behaving Like Lindsay Lohan, Friends Say

kylie jenner wild child

kylie jenner wild childKylie Jenner’s close friends are concerned about her ever since she reportedly became a huge fan of partying at the young age of sixteen.

There’s nothing wrong with partying, right? Well, when you’re worth millions and can get into any club you want while you’re still underage, that makes it quite worrying.

But then again, this story comes from inTouch magazine, so the chances of it being true are very unlikely.

According to the magazine, Kylie was downing tequila shots at Coachella two weeks ago — the music event she famously attended with Selena Gomez and sister, Kendall.

A source for CDL added that while Kylie was busy getting drunk and allegedly smoking weed with strangers, Kendall was dancing with men in their 30s. Just by supposedly looking at them, you could tell the girls were on something.

Okay — so where’s the proof?

Of course there isn’t any because the story is fabricated by the tabloid, but let’s continue to go ahead and act like we actually believe this.

”A friend got Kylie a shot and warned her to be discreet about it and the weed,” the magazine claims. The socialite can not get enough of being at parties and having a good time; whether that’s through getting drunk or smoking weed.

Here’s where the story gets interesting. Kylie’s friends are “worried” about her — they think she’s following the same path Lindsay Lohan did when she was around the same age.

And though they’ve tried to talk sense into her, Kylie won’t budge, slamming back at them by saying she’s free to do what she wants and that by going to a party with friends doesn’t mean she’s out of control, a supposed insider added.

To make this story seem more legit, the source continued that Kris Jenner has been a big influence on Kylie’s decisions in life, and knowing that the momager has had an alcohol problem in the past, she’s mainly to blame for her daughter’s downfall as it’s already showing “clear signs” her life is falling apart.



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