RUMOR: Was Rihanna Spotted Shopping For Ciara’s Baby? (PHOTOS)

RUMOR: Was Rihanna Spotted Shopping For Ciara’s Baby? (PHOTOS)


rihanna ciara beefA recent rumor on Rihanna buying baby clothes for Ciara’s baby boy has been shut down by close sources to the singer.

The ridiculous rumor circulated last week when Rihanna and a pal where out shopping for baby clothes in West Hollywood.

Nobody assumed Rih was pregnant seeing that her stomach was as flat as a pancake but certain blogs made it a rumor that she was buying stuff for Ciara’s child.

Wait, what now? Last time we remember these two were in a bitter feud. Well, it was more or less on Rihanna’s side — remember how Rih threw shade at Ciara’s single, Body Party?

While CiCi has stressed many times in the past that she wishes nothing but the best for the Bajan-starlet, she told radio shows last year that she doesn’t feed off of negative energy and wasn’t going to continue a childish beef with another grown woman. I know that’s right.

Sources close to Rihanna have denied the reports, saying that the rumor is “absolutely ridiculous,” before stressing that the reason why the 26-year old was shopping for baby items in the first place was because her “heavily pregnant” pal asked her to follow her along to the store.

The story emerged just days after Ciara’s baby daddy, Future, confirmed the singer was due to give birth any day now.

There ya have it. Rihanna is not pregnant. She wasn’t buying clothes for Ciara’s baby and the two are still not friends. Three rumors shut down in one story. BOOM!

The source sent us this photo of the two exiting the store, where anybody with common sense can see her friend is pregnant.

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