Christina Aguilera Feuding with Taylor Swift Over Fashion Style? Xtina Finds Taylor’s...

Christina Aguilera Feuding with Taylor Swift Over Fashion Style? Xtina Finds Taylor’s Clothes Horrific!


christina aguilera feudChristina Aguilera is reportedly feuding with Taylor Swift over the country singer’s awful sense of style.

RadarOnline says that Xtina uses Taylor as an inspiration of what she definitely doesn’t want her clothes to look like when she’s leaving her home which is why she has given photos of Taylor’s outfits to her styling team to notify them on outfits she doesn’t like.

Is this the dumbest story ever, or what? I highly doubt Christina Aguilera is feuding with Taylor because of what she decides to wear — why would Christina care?

A source for the news outlet explained: “Christina loves getting attention for looking trashy and not put together and uses Taylor as a kind of ‘anti-inspiration’ for her fashion, makeup and hair now.”

They then went on to add: “She can’t stand Taylor’s preppy prissy ‘caged bird in a tower’ thing — and has used her as a guide on what NOT to wear for over 18 months.”

The site seems to be picking on Taylor after several media outlets reported that the 24-year old is no longer “best pals” with Selena Gomez following another fight over Justin Bieber.

What makes this story less credible is the fact that Christina is pregnant; her stomach is growing and she’s preparing to welcome her second child into the world. She’s rarely seen out and about these days, so the thought of her even stressing about what another person is wearing is absurd.



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