Dr. Dre Says He’s Interest in Buying Los Angeles Clippers Team From...

Dr. Dre Says He’s Interest in Buying Los Angeles Clippers Team From Donald Sterling — VIDEO


dr dre beatsDr. Dre has shown interested in buying the L.A Clippers from its current disgraced owner, Donald Sterling.

It was announced yesterday afternoon that NBA officials were banning Donald for life and are reportedly pushing him to sell the team following the numerous of racial scandals that surfaced last week Sunday.

While it’s still unclear when or if Donald will sell the team, Dr. Dre says he’s “absolutely” interested in gaining ownership of one of the most recognized teams in America.

“I’m thinking about it … yes,” the music mogul told a TMZ cameraman last night whilst making his exit from Boa Steakhouse in Los Angeles.

The 49-year old is said to be worth a whopping $550 million thanks to his successful music career and his helping hand in the Beats by Dre brand, which in itself is a billion dollar worth company.

Sources report that many Hollywood stars — or shall we say, rich Hollywood stars — have come forward to say that they are also keen to purchase the Clippers when it does go on sale. Everyone from P. Diddy to Rick Ross and even Rick Caruso… they all want a piece of the NBA team.

As of yet no official talks have started, simply because Donald is still holding on to the Clippers but it’s believed that within the forthcoming weeks, Sterling will be removed from his position and the next person will be able to take over.

Well, anyone other than Donald should get the team.



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