Did Kim Kardashian Cheat on Kanye West? Couple Still Planning To Get...

Did Kim Kardashian Cheat on Kanye West? Couple Still Planning To Get Married This Week!


kim kardashian cheat kanye westKim Kardashian Cheated on Kanye West,” Life & Style writes on the cover of their latest issue, completely oblivious on the fact that Kimye are getting married this week.

I can see where the mag tried to go with the story, but they didn’t time it well enough — had this fabricated story been released a week after their marriage, it would’ve been more juicy and maybe even more believable to the audience.

I’ve got a good eye and can tell when a magazine is reaching for a story. Life & Style is doing exactly that. Kim has NEVER cheated on Kanye West, and that’s a fact.

You see, Kim Kardashian is a very smart businesswoman (believe it or not) and she knows how this industry works. Though the magazine may allege that Kim could’ve had an affair behind Kanye’s back, she knows she would have way too much to lose in the long run.

Her soon-to-be husband is worth a whopping $100 million — why would she jeopardize living comfortably on someone else’s money by cheating when she’s got everything she wants at home?

I call BS on this story — Kim Kardashian is way too smart to cheat on Kanye West behind his back, especially just before the couple are expected to tie the knot.

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  1. As messy and juvenile as Kanye is, Kim aint evah getting better. She wouldn’t cheat on him. With him, yes. But not on.


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