Miley Cyrus Drug Binge Led To Hospitalization — Detox Cleanse Saved Her...

Miley Cyrus Drug Binge Led To Hospitalization — Detox Cleanse Saved Her Life, Claims Mag

miley cyrus drug binge

miley cyrus drug bingeThough we were all told Miley Cyrus had suffered a bad allergic reaction before being put in hospital, Life & Style reveals that the singer was actually in hospital for a drug overdose.

A “close friend” has reportedly sold her story to the magazine where she dishes everything from Miley’s hardcore clubbing to her drug binges that leave her unconscious for hours — which is what supposedly happened when Miley was checked into hospital a few weeks back.

Cyrus was instructed to stay in hospital for then days and the magazine seems to argue its point that a bad allergic reaction won’t make you stay in hospital for that amount of time, but if it’s something more serious like a drug binge, then that could very well be the case.

The 21-year old is very open about smoking weed all the time and her constant references in songs on how she adores “popping mollies” in the club almost backup the magazine’s point of Miley’s drug addiction battle, unless she’s singing stuff she really doesn’t mean… which would be stupid. Haha.

Of course we don’t know whether this “close friend” the magazine claims to have gotten the story from actually exists, but it does seem to make sense for Miley to be suffering from something that was much more than a bad reaction.

Other outlets have claimed that Miley’s stint in hospital may have been more of a detox cleanse for her body as opposed to a place for her to rest from the nonsense that her rep was claiming it was.

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