Taylor Swift Secretly Hooking Up With John Mayer Again?

Taylor Swift Secretly Hooking Up With John Mayer Again?


taylor swift john mayer datingIs Taylor Swift secretly back with John Mayer? Fans of the two may recall the Hollywood stars dating back in 2009 before things eventually went left and Taylor decided to move on.

But now that John is single again, following his break-up from Katy Perry, OK! magazine is reporting that the couple could possibly be hooking up again five years after they called it quits on their romance.

At the time of their split, it was heavily speculated that John may have cheated on Taylor which is why the whole relationship came collapsing down in the first place.

The evidence was pretty much in Tay-Tay’s song Dear John that Taylor would then go on to release in 2010.

In the song, she says: “Dear John, I see it all now that you’re gone. Don’t you think I was too young to be messed with? The girl in the dress cried the whole way home. I should’ve known.”

Well, if we were going to believe OK! magazine when they say that these two are back together, could we possibly be convinced?

From what we know, John has been spending a lot of time in New York in recent months ever since he moved out of Katy’s home in Los Angeles. Must we remind you that Taylor also happens to be living in New York? Just a coincidence or is there something going on?

Taylor would be really stupid to run back to a man that supposedly cheated on her with another woman — and mind you, we don’t actually know whether this woman was another Hollywood starlet, because John has dated dozens of stars in the last seven years.



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