Suge Knight: Tupac Is NOT Dead, He’s Alive — (VIDEO)

Suge Knight: Tupac Is NOT Dead, He’s Alive — (VIDEO)


tupac suge knight carSuge Knight has made outrageous claims, saying Tupac Shakur is NOT dead.

The former best pal to one of the greatest rappers of all time, was spotted out in Hollywood last night when a TMZ cameraman approached him with some questions.

Suge’s comments about Tupac were very strange; he says in the video that the reason why Shakur’s murderer was never found was simply down to the “fact” that the rapper was never killed — he’s still alive.

Not even without Suge smoking the blunt in public would make me think he’s telling the truth. He sounded so high when he made those comments, he probably didn’t even know what he was saying.

But I do recall Suge having made these claims before. Nevertheless, if Tupac really was alive, why wouldn’t he try and get in contact with his good friend?

Suge, I speak on behalf of all Tupac fans when I say, ‘shut up forever.’



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