Nicki Minaj Ft. Soulja Boy ‘Yasss Bitch’ — LISTEN HERE!

Nicki Minaj Ft. Soulja Boy ‘Yasss Bitch’ — LISTEN HERE!

nicki minaj yasss bitch song

nicki minaj yasss bitch songNicki Minaj has released a new song to her fans, titled Yasss Bish featuring Soulja Boy, just months before her album is expected to hit stores.

The 31-year old has been teasing her Barbz since the beginning of the year when she released Lookin’ A** Ni—a, Boss A** B—ch and Chiraq supposedly a taster of what her third album, The Pink Print, will sound like.

All four songs – including the newest track – are definitely hinting at the fact that Nicki is turning back to her “hardcore rap” mode, having previously said she won’t go back to making Super Bass tracks.

As for Yasss Bish, the song was put on SoundCloud late last night by Minaj who wanted her fans to indulge in another piece of music before she eventually gives them more details on her new record.

She’s kept her lipped sealed about everything regarding the album to this point, so perhaps the push for new songs is her way of keeping her fans patient as she perfects what she says will be her best work yet.

It should be noted that this song is not planned to featured on Minaj’s album — it’s just a teaser of what’s to come. But you gotta appreciate a woman who continues to feed her fans into what they want.

Take a listen below:



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