Taylor Swift Dumped Selena Gomez and Moved To New York? — REPORT

Taylor Swift Dumped Selena Gomez and Moved To New York? — REPORT


taylor swift selena gomez friendsRumors were swirling around that Taylor Swift’s sudden move to New York earlier this year was down to her feud with Selena Gomez.

The country starlet reportedly wanted to “distance herself” from her best friend who was still hooking up with Justin Bieber.

Sounds absurd right? Well, a close source for Taylor feels the same way, after having revealed that Taylor did not leave Los Angeles because of her feud with Selena, she left because she’s actually working on a new album.

“She is in New York because she’s working on her album. She’s putting one out soon but she’s still trying to write some more songs and she’s really inspired by New York,” the source revealed.

“She feels very creative when she’s there, it’s inspiring her to create. It’s such a different head space than Nashville or LA, she loves all three places but right now New York is more her speed.”

One thing that was confirmed was that Taylor and Selena are definitely not on speaking terms right now. Taylor knows that Gomez is still talking to Justin, who she thinks is a bad influence on her, and if Selena doesn’t realize that then the two of them just can’t be friends anymore.

“Taylor’s hopeful that they will eventually be friends again. She misses Selena, but she’s not interested in being friends with her if Justin is still in her life,” the insider continued.

“Taylor thinks he’s like an addiction for Selena and she’s not going to enable her. This is tough love, but for sure Taylor still loves Selena, she always will.”

Taylor Swift seems like a good pal to have — she’s definitely not wrong when saying that Justin Bieber would do Selena no good. She’s already landed in rehab because of him, had her heart broken on several occasions yet she still stays in contact with the Biebs.



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