Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Not Married Yet — Couple’s Rep Shuts Down...

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Not Married Yet — Couple’s Rep Shuts Down Supposed Rumor


kim kardashian kanye west marriedKim Kardashian has NOT married Kanye West.

At least not yet.

Several reports are circulating, stating that the couple have reportedly gotten married in Los Angeles last weekend, but according to GossipCop the story is not true.

A rep for the two has supposedly told the media outlet that Kim and Kanye have yet to tie the knot and that no further information was going to be revealed until the two were happy to share it with the public.

Of course what the rep is saying is contradicting with Life & Style’s claims where one “journalist” writes that the rapper and his perfect bitch “are now married on paper.”

Both Kim and Kanye flew out to New York last night — it’s unclear as to why they jetted out to the Big Apple, but maybe they plan on getting hitched this week. No one really knows, and at this point, nobody really cares either.

But another hint on why Kim and Kanye probably didn’t get married over the weekend is because on Friday, she and her sisters – Kourtney and Khloe – were in a business meeting for five hours as they prepped for new material for their clothing line.

Then on Saturday, Khloe flew out to Vegas to watch the Floyd Mayweather fight with alleged beau French Montana, and I’m sure she wouldn’t have wanted to miss her sister’s “private” wedding ceremony.

Finally, on Sunday, Kim left Los Angeles to fly out to New York.

So there ya have it. Seems like the two haven’t married yet.


  1. I feel like I’m not the least bit concerned if or when these two will get married. Perhaps because I don’t think it will last. I wish them the best, but time would be a better plan than a rush to marry.


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