Seth Rogen Rants About Hating Justin Bieber: “F-ck This Kid!” — AUDIO

Seth Rogen Rants About Hating Justin Bieber: “F-ck This Kid!” — AUDIO

justin bieber seth rogen feud howard stern

justin bieber seth rogen feud howard sternSeth Rogen hates Justin Bieber and he made it perfectly clear when he appeared on the Howard Stern show earlier today.

The movie director is currently promoting his latest film Neighbors, but when you’re stopping by at Howard’s show, the interview usually drifts off into other things totally unrelated to what you’re actually there for.

Stern questioned Seth about his hatred for Justin and where it all started.

A few years ago, Seth tweeted that Bieber “was a piece of sh-t,” which had everyone buzzing on what had these two’s supposed one-time friendship turn cold.

Truth is: there was never a friendship between them.

“He’s a good example of someone who you meet, who you think you’re going to hate, and then you get to hate him. “He lives up to every one of your expectations,” Seth Rogen explained as he recalls the first time he met Justin.

It was at a German talk-show. One of Justin’s people said the singer wanted to meet Rogen, so he went up to meet JB who supposedly had an attitude; acting as if Seth was the one who really wanted to see Justin in the first place.

Seth also went on to compare Justin to Zac Efron and how the two are completely different since Justin totally lacks “awareness” and comes across like a “motherf-cker.”

Listen to the hilarious interview snippet below!



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