Zac Efron Talks Past Drug Addiction on TODAY: “It Was A Rough...

Zac Efron Talks Past Drug Addiction on TODAY: “It Was A Rough Year” — VIDEO


zac efron drug addict today showTrust the TODAY show to always try and get their ratings gold.

Matt Lauer questioned Zac Efron about his drug addiction — or shall I say “alleged” addiction? Actually no, it’s not alleged because he’s already admitted to it in The Hollywood Reporter.

So no — it’s not alleged! Haha.

Anyway, whilst promoting his latest movie Neighbors with co-star Dave Franco, the last minute of the 4-minute interview was all about Zac’s substance abuse which first came to light last year when the media revealed how Zac was struggling to get his life together following a drug binge.

He checked into rehab on multiple occasions to try and get his act together, a source revealed at the time, though it’s unclear whether or not the former High School Musical star is actually completely clear of the “devil’s drug” for good.

Asked if it was hard coming out to the world about his addiction, Zac says: “Erm.. you know what? It was a weight of my chest. It was a fantastic time, it was a rough year and it’s kinda funny, Neighbors is such an icing on the cake for all of this. I was kinda able to channel all of this and put it into this movie.”

He went on to say: “… and I feel great. I feel really blessed working with this group of guys. I don’t know… it couldn’t be better right now, so I’m really excited.”

Usually when former drug addicts are free of substance abuse, they boast about it to the world by saying how happy they are to have been free for so and so many months — Zac didn’t say that, which leads me to believe— never mind.

The movie is out now!

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