Kim Kardashian Pregnant at Met Gala? Displays Suspicious Baby Bump At Ceremony...

Kim Kardashian Pregnant at Met Gala? Displays Suspicious Baby Bump At Ceremony — PHOTO


kim kardashian pregnant second baby met galaCould Kim Kardashian be pregnant again?

The 33-year old reality star attended last night’s Met Gala with her rumored-to-be husband Kanye West, but what was interesting were the photos that she’d later post on Instagram.

One snap sees Kim pose with friend, Olivier Rousteing, who carefully placed his right hand on Kim’s stomach, giving the impression that she may be pregnant again, which wouldn’t really be a surprise seeing that Kanye has said in the past he’d want more kids in the future.

But if the socialite really is pregnant, how is that going to fit in with her wedding plans later this month?

According to TMZ, Kim and Kanye tied the knot in a private ceremony last week but plan to have another one including all their friends and family in Paris on May 24th.

If she just learned about her alleged pregnancy then it wouldn’t be too bad — her stomach won’t grow excessively in a matter of two weeks, but sure enough it would make a difference in whatever wedding dress she plans on wearing on her big day. A tiny bump would stick out. Haha.

Either way, it’s unclear whether Kim Kardashian is pregnant or not but that photo (above) is very suspicious and we see no reason not to believe why she wouldn’t be pregnant.

What a waste it was for her to work out every single day to get her body back only then to find out she’s possibly got another bun in the oven.


  1. Kim’s too vain to go down the aisle preggers. She’s been starving herself over the last few weeks so I doubt it.


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