Nicole Richie Sets Goal To Become A Billionairess As Hubby Joel Madden’s...

Nicole Richie Sets Goal To Become A Billionairess As Hubby Joel Madden’s “Net Worth Continues To Decline”


joel madden nicole richieNicole Richie is working up to become a billionairess but thinks it will never happen with her husband’s declining career.

The laughable report from RadarOnline claims that Nicole, a well-respected fashion designer, is stressing over the fact that hubby Joel Madden’s income continues to tank every single year as their net worth in total doesn’t come anywhere near where she wants it to be.

According to the source, Richie is worth a whopping $35 million. The two made $10 million in the last two years and if Nicole wants to reach her goal on being worth at least a billion bucks before she’s forty, she knows she has to do some adjusting with her team.

She “is ready to transform herself economically by the end of the year and is desperate to achieve billionaire status before she turns 40,” the insider supposedly told the outlet.

“Nicole is pretty let down by how much she and Joel made in the last two years. And there’s been a tacit understanding among her team lately that Joel simply isn’t going to be making much more money in the future. His prime earning years are behind him which is why Nicole wants to up the ante.”

Nicole Richie is very good friends with Kim Kardashian… they grew up together and attended the same schools. The 32-year old has compared her career to Kim’s and thinks that if Kim can profit off of her name and own a multi-billion dollar empire in a matter of six years, Nicole can do it too.

Oh, and just for your information, the Kardashian brand which includes their baby clothing line, Kardashian Kids, their women’s clothing line, Kardashian Kollection snag up the family’s total to $400 million! And that’s just clothes we’re talking about.

Joel, member of the group Good Charlotte, is currently held up on a “measly” salary of $1 million per season on The Voice Australia which he’ll continue doing for as long as it makes him happy, but “Nicole’s advisers think Joel’s hot earning days are a thing of the past.

Does anybody believe this?! Would Nicole be desperate to become a billionairess — and would she really be comparing her career to Kim in hopes that she can take some tips from her pal on how to become a successful businesswoman? I’m not convinced.


  1. Such a stupid article. If Nicole was desperate to be that rich, she would have gone with someone extremely wealthy but think she chose love over all that unlike Kim!!

  2. What the hell doe she ever plan to do with all that money? It seems she is doing fine as is, so what is the big deal to become a billionaire, and this ridiculous competition w/ KK? She was born with a silver spoon and her life will always be over the top comfortable. What is her compulsion? She certainly will NEVER know what poverty is so I don’t get her concern to keep making more and more money? She is sounding just as greedy and competitive about wealth as are the Victoria Beckham, the Hiltons, the Kardashians, Linsey Lohan and all those other grabby, greedy bitches.


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