Beyonce Pays Tribute To Aaliyah In Cute Ensemble — PHOTO

Beyonce Pays Tribute To Aaliyah In Cute Ensemble — PHOTO


beyonce aaliyah ensembleBeyonce posted a photo of herself wearing an ensemble with the woman who would’ve ended her career had she still been alive today — Aaliyah.

The R&B singer, who tragically passed away in a plane crash back in 2001, still has her legacy moving forward not only with her timeless studio albums, but also with the likes of rappers such as Drake and J. Cole who consistently shout her out in their songs.

But it was kinda interesting to see that Bey would do such a daring move to wear an ensemble with Aaliyah’s face on it, presumably a photograph taken from the singer back from her One in a Million days.

Ever since Aaliyah’s passing, fans have wondered what if her tragic death never happened; would she have driven into the acting career she was so destined to jumpstart or would she have ended Beyonce’s career before it could even begin?

So many questions that’ll forever go unanswered. I do like the fact that the 32-year old is paying homage to one of the women who literally paved the way for many musicians coming up in the early 2000s, such as Ciara and Alicia Keys.


  1. This seems weird knowing the back story of the Damon Dash – Jay Z love triangle. But I miss her, too.


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