Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Split: Divorce Looms Over Ben’s Casino “Cheating...

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Split: Divorce Looms Over Ben’s Casino “Cheating Scandal”


jennifer garner ben affleck starBen Affleck’s marriage to Jennifer Garner is falling apart to the point where Jennifer may even file for divorce, reports STAR magazine.

The mag is basing all of this nonsense on Ben’s recent scandal when he was caught “counting cards” at a casino and was immediately removed from the table and was “banned for life.”

When Jennifer found out on what had happened, she went ballistic. Only because Ben has supposedly has a few run-ins in the past, and on top of this he’s also known to have had an alleged alcohol problem followed with an addiction to playing cards.

Garner fears that Ben is spiralling out of control and it’s only a matter of time before she leaves him for good. “Jen demanded to go to Vegas with Ben because she doesn’t trust him — and he felt like he had no choice but to take her,” the insider said.

“Jen and Ben’s marriage has been extremely shaky over recent months.”

With Ben Affleck’s “history of gambling and alcohol abuse, Jennifer feels like she has to keep an eye on her husband, in addition to their three kids,” whom he allegedly complains about when Jennifer asks for him to take care of them.

We told you last week that Jen was pissed off with her hubby for refusing to look after the children while she gears up to work on her acting career again — Jennifer was convinced that if she left the children with Ben, he’d leave them with the nanny.

“It’s all really taking a toll on her… He’s great with the kids when he’s around, but he and Jen barely talk at home — and when they do, it always turns into an argument.”

Here’s the hilarious part of the story.

STAR was supposedly present when Jennifer confronted Ben about the incident, as they describe what happened in details: “She screamed at him, telling him he needed to quit gambling for good.”

“But he told her that he’s a grown man and will do what he wants. Neither of them backed down for a good 15 minutes. Finally, Jen just went to bed.”

Gotta love the tabloids.



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