Kanye West Still Cheating on Kim Kardashian with Protege Pia Mia!

Kanye West Still Cheating on Kim Kardashian with Protege Pia Mia!


kanye west pia mia cheating kim kardashian

Kanye West is still cheating on Kim Kardashian with his protege Pia Mia.

Of course he really isn’t but we’re going to go along with what STAR magazine is reporting this week in their latest issue — nothing but recycled mess.

So Kanye is reportedly still super interested in this Pia chick. You may have seen her on Instagram and on Twitter a few times; that’s because she’s best friends with Kylie Jenner … aka Kim’s half-sister.

Anyway, Pia is an aspiring musician who is signed to Interscope and the magazine is making it out to seem like Kanye helping the girl on her path to music stardom has way more going on behind the scenes.

The mag, which also wrongly claims that Kanye and Kim are officially married, goes on to reveal that Kanye’s perfect bitch is fuming over what her friends have been telling her — according to them, Mr. West spends long hours at the studio with Pia who he’s really grown close to.

He’s “has taken the up-and-coming pop star under his wing, and his new bride is green with jealousy over it,” the source said.

“Kim has been hearing a lot of whispers that Kanye is just too interested in helping this gorgeous girl, and she is worried that if they spend too much time together something will happen.

But wait for the best part of the story!

Kim confronted Kanye about the whole thing with Pia Mia and whether or not he was cheating on her with a 17-year old which then led to both of them screaming on top of their lungs. “They had a huge, screaming fight about it, and Kim went nuts. It got so heated, she ended up storming out and slamming the door behind her!”

Okay so first of all, anybody who’s familiar with Kim Kardashian knows that she’s definitely not a “screamer,” nor is she someone to confront another person about something no matter how wrong that person may be.

But STAR continues to allege that Pia has “been adding to the buzz that she’s in the middle of a romance with Kanye by not issuing a denial,” forgetting that maybe she isn’t saying anything because she doesn’t feel the need to address ridiculous rumors.

Oooh, as juicy as this story may be… it’s bogus and nonsense!



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