Kim Kardashian’s Wedding From Hell: Kanye West Overspends on Budget, Kim Fighting...

Kim Kardashian’s Wedding From Hell: Kanye West Overspends on Budget, Kim Fighting With Sisters

kim kardashian wedding from hell

kim kardashian wedding from hellKim Kardashian’s fairytale wedding to Kanye West is falling apart before it can even begin — from the wedding dress not fitting to feuds with her sisters, it’s all going wrong.

In Touch reveals how the 33-year old’s plans on getting married later this month in Paris are now starting to crumble as all of her worst fears are becoming reality.

“All the planning in the world couldn’t prevent [Kardashian’s] third trip down the aisle from turning into a total disaster,” the source said.

“Kanye has blown the budget with a slew of bad decisions. He and Kim are fighting nonstop. She’s clashing with her sisters and dealing with her mom’s out-of-control micromanaging and day-drinking.”

“Most horrifying for the image-obsessed reality star? Kim couldn’t squeeze her famous backside into her custom-made wedding dress during a recent fitting in Paris.”

Of course in Touch is making up a fabricated lie in their heads, juggling around a bunch of stories that they had previously reported in their issues, such as Kris Jenner’s drinking problem and Kanye West being a big time money spender. Nothing new here.

They just recycled the stories and turned them into one. Haha.

Not only has Kim Kardashian’s rep denied any truth in the article, the photo on the front cover of the mag which sees Kim try on her designer wedding dress… it’s fake! That really isn’t her — all fabricated for entertainment purposes.

Kim can be annoying at times, but I can spot nonsense when I see it and this right here, this is a ridiculous report with bad journalism on top of it. Yawn.



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