Lindsay Lohan Hates Jennifer Lawrence For Stealing Her Man, Nicholas Hoult

lindsay lohan nicholas houltLindsay Lohan hates Jennifer Lawrence because the actress’ boyfriend Nicholas Hoult supposedly left LiLo hanging cold when he turned her down on a date.

The Mean Girls starlet whose career continues to fade, tried hooking up with the X-Men superhero back in 2010 when Nicholas still hadn’t settled down with J-Law.

Lindsay made several moves in trying to get together with Hoult who continously showed the rehab-aholic no interest, to the point where he had to speak with her in person to leave him alone before she finally got the message.

Lindsay “tried to hook up with [Hoult] back in 2010, but he wouldn’t give her the time of day,” an insider for STAR magazine shares. “She called him nonstop. Finally, he told her to buzz off. Now she’s bitter and taking out her anger on Jen.”

This story seems to perfectly blend in with the recent magazine interview Lindsay Lohan did for Kode who claimed the actress-turned-reality star told them Jennifer was desperate to receive movie roles and the only way she could get them is by sleeping with production execs.

“She’s so fake and I’m sorry I’m not going to f*ck for roles,” Lindsay was quoted telling the magazine last year. She has since denied ever making those comments.

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