‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Reunion Part 3 Surpasses Part 1 & 2: Sustains Biggest Franchise Title!

real housewives of atlanta

real housewives of atlantaPhaedra Parks‘ read towards Kenya Moore got Real Housewives of Atlanta: The Reunion Part 3 its highest ratings out of all the reunion specials so far.

Bravo who are doing a superb job at milking the cow by spreading the reunions out in three parts, will be happy to hear that last Sunday’s episode of RHOA gained a whopping 4.28 million viewers.

That’s higher than part 1 and 2 of the previous reunion specials that aired the weeks before, which reportedly averaged at 4 million viewers per week. Still strong, but not as strong as its recent episode. 

Nevertheless, execs who handle the Real Housewives franchise will have some serious thinking to do, as to whether or not they want to fire Porsha Williams along with anybody else that seemed boring this season.

Twitter has been buzzing for Cynthia Bailey to receive the boot, but I personally need her to stay because she seems to be the only one who doesn’t act ratchet and tries to make peace whenever possible. I also hate how people say she needs to “turn up” for television. Gurl, BYE!

But back to Porsha. After assaulting Kenya Moore on camera, executive producer Andy Cohen has made it clear that violence is never the answer to solve a problem while sources close to him say he’s not keen on having the wannabe singer return to the show.

Porsha has to go because she has no storyline. There is nothing that she can do, say or show us that would make me change my mind. Whenever she popped up on the screen, she was talking about her ex-husband and how he did this and that. Gurl, BYE!

I kinda need Kenya to go too because her African Prince nonsense is starting to get on my nerves, and how she’s dragging out a storyline with her and Apollo Nida. Gurl, BYE to you too.

But if Kenya was to get the boot, then I’ll miss the reads that Phaedra will be serving her way in the forthcoming season. Phaedra resuscitated my life with that read on Sunday — I was born again!

As for Nene Leakes, let her come back. I’m sorta here for her stupid diva behavior, because to the viewer, we know that she ain’t about that Hollywood life as much as she wishes she was, but it’s hilarious for her to think she’s more successful than Kandi Burruss.

Chile, have you forgotten Kandi wrote TLC’s No Scrubs? (No shade but I do love how Kandi only ever mentions having written No Scrubs, though I’m sure she’s written other songs, just probably not as big as that one).

So there ya have it. Real Housewives of Atlanta continues to be the biggest franchise of them all and firing somebody from the cast would be pretty damn stupid seeing that the ratings are gold, but who knows.

Written by Merema Leures

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