Selena Gomez Kicks Mother Out Of House For Interfering In Singer’s Reunion...

Selena Gomez Kicks Mother Out Of House For Interfering In Singer’s Reunion with Justin Bieber


selena gomez mandy cornett feudSelena Gomez has put her mother’s home up for sale after she interfered in her personal love life with Justin Bieber — something the former Disney starlet was very upset about.

It was revealed earlier this year that Selena was dropping her mother, Mandy Cornett, from her team as her personal manager.

Though the starlet claimed it was down to wanting to find someone who can take her career further, in Touch claims it’s because of a supposed feud.

Gomez hates how her family has been interfering in her private life, especially the whole drama with Justin is really annoying to her. Many family members feel the need to voice their opinions on how much they think Justin will hurt Selena but she doesn’t want to hear it.

It’s reportedly gotten to the point where the 21-year old has decided to put the home that she bought for her mother on sale as part of her “revenge plan,” in Touch magazine says. Huh?

An insider “close to the family” told the magazine that Selena is in “a huge family feud, and Selena doesn’t want to support [her parents] anymore.”

Of course what in Touch is alleging is the complete opposite to what an actual insider for the singer stated to GossipCop, telling the outlet that “it was not Selena’s decision to put the house up for sale. All is good on all fronts.”

Selena Gomez is not fighting or feuding with her mother and their relationship is exactly the same as its always been — just fine.



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