Stacy Keibler Jealous Over George Clooney’s Engagement to Amal Alamuddin!

Stacy Keibler Jealous Over George Clooney’s Engagement to Amal Alamuddin!


george clooney stacy keibler splitNothing but jealousy and envy is going through Stacy Keibler’s mind after she learned her ex-boyfriend, George Clooney, is set to wed his fiancee Amal Alamuddin this September.

The couple, who revealed their engagement last month, have been keeping a low profile since the announcement and despite the fact that a lot of Hollywood friends are happy for George and his soon-to-be second wife, Stacy is fuming.

According to Us Weekly, Stacy was told by George that she’d be the one who he wanted to marry; hence why she stuck around so long.

“When George and Stacy got together, he told her she would be the one he’d marry — and that they could have kids,” the source said.

Stacy Keibler always stressed George Clooney on having children — especially when their relationship was starting to crumble, that was her breaking point when she finally realized that the actor wasn’t making any moves to take their romance to the next level.

She now claims to be in a happy marriage with multi-millionaire Jared Pobre who she’s also expecting a baby to later this year, which all seems very much rushed but then again it shows how much she wanted to start a family and get married.

Ever since the story on Stacy’s supposed jealousy came out, the former WWE wrestler’s insiders have since commented on the situation, writing: “Stacy is so happy with the way things worked out.”

“She has found her perfect match and is excited to start a family. She is so happy that George has done the same and feels strongly that things in life happen for a reason.”

Who do y’all believe? The magazine or Stacy Keibler?



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