Willow Smith, 13, In Bed With Moises Arias, 20: Causes Internet Outrage...

Willow Smith, 13, In Bed With Moises Arias, 20: Causes Internet Outrage — PHOTO


willow mith moises arias in bed nudeWillow Smith has some people (that don’t even know her) fuming over a photo that was posted on Instagram, showing the 13-year old laying in bed with good pal Moises Arias, 20.

Arias, who starred as Rico on Hannah Montana, has been a family friend to the Smiths for five years and we don’t know the situation behind the photo; perhaps Willow had a group of friends over and he just happened to be on the bed with her.

As disturbing as it sounds, a lot of blogs, including respected media outlets are making this a much bigger deal, because everybody knows that Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith wouldn’t tolerate their kids being around those kind of people, as in Miley Cyrus.

Moises reportedly posted the photo on his Instagram and just a few minutes later, friends including Kylie and Kendall Jenner liked the photo and soon after that, the pic pretty much took off.

I can’t excuse the fact on why a 15-year old (Jaden) would be best friends with a 20-year old but nevertheless they’ve known each other for years; having looked at Jaden’s Instagram, Moises is often over at the family’s home.

Do you think the photo is worrying?



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