Angelina Jolie’s Jealousy and Hatred Over George Clooney’s Fiancee Amal Alamuddin is...

Angelina Jolie’s Jealousy and Hatred Over George Clooney’s Fiancee Amal Alamuddin is Causing Conflict!


angelina jolie george clooney marryAngelina Jolie isn’t happy about George Clooney’s engagement to soon-to-be wife Amal Alamuddin. She’s so upset, she refuses to attend their wedding in September.

The National Enquirer claims that Angie is super annoyed by the fact that her Hollywood pals are telling her to befriend George’s fiancee now that she’s pretty much part of his life too — Angie is close to George so it would only make sense, right?

Well, Angelina is not having any of it, a source dished.

“Angelina Jolie is one person who’s not happy about George Clooney’s engagement because she’s no fan of his fiancee and miffed that the two could knock her and Brad Pitt off their perch as America’s top celebrity humanitarians.”

Note that this is the same outlet that recently claimed the actress was upset with Johnny Depp’s engagement, supposedly telling Johnny that his fiancee, Amber Heard, was an opportunist and that he’s most likely going through a phase.

Seems like Angie is getting into everyone’s business and trying to split every Hollywood engagement up. At least according to this messy tabloid.

“Angelina’s fed up with all the fuss being made over Amal. She’s tired of pals urging her to befriend Amal because of her impressive work as a humanitarian lawyer.”

The Oscar-award winning star is also said to be intimidated by Amal’s humanitarian work, as mentioned above. It’s another reason why Angie will never try and become friends with her, as the magazine states Angelina wants to be the number one humanitarian in Hollywood.

“Angelina’s worked hard to establish herself as THE celebrity humanitarian, but now that George has Amal on his arm, she feels threatened that she and Brad, who also does charity work, can be knocked off their pedestal.”

“Of course, Angie would never admit that, so instead she’s telling everyone that George is moving too fast with Amal.”




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