Jennifer Aniston Hooking Up with John Mayer, Justin Theroux Left Fuming — CLAIM

justin theroux jennifer aniston hook up

justin theroux jennifer aniston hook upJennifer Aniston has reportedly gotten back in touch with ex-boyfriend John Mayer, years after the couple broke up for the singer’s “douchebag behavior”.

I’ve been waiting for the tabloids to write another hilarious story on Jennifer that wasn’t talking about how she’s “pregnant and alone” for the kabillionth time, so here we are.

OK! magazine is presenting us this foolery this week, writing that John is “back in contact with ex Jennifer Aniston, and it’s annoying her fiancé, Justin Theroux,” because he’s getting the impression that Jen could potentially run back into John’s arms now that he’s single. 

Aniston got engaged roughly two years ago and there are still no plans on her wedding to Justin Theroux. That’s something that’s actually true, but for her to now change her mind and consider running off with John seems far-fetched.

“It seems John’s been seeing a therapist, who has suggested he reach out to those in his past he’s hurt,” the magazine states without explaining why Mayer is in therapy and what he’s seeking treatment for — perhaps addicted to cheating?

Let’s not forget that he also famously cheated on Katy Perry earlier this year, hence why the two are no longer a couple.

But instead of reaching out to Katy, he’s reaching out to Jennifer Aniston whom he probably thinks he still has a shot at getting back with. “He’s trying to make amends for being such an ass to Jen during and after the time they dated.”

Theroux recently found out about Jen’s phone call to John which supposedly left him feeling angry. “He isn’t cool with John being in Jen’s life, especially after the stories she told him about how horribly John treated her.”

The magazine leaves us hanging at a cliffhanger, assuming they want us to think Jen and John have a chance of getting back together while Justin Theroux will soon be dumped.

Of course OK! is very tedious when it comes to reporting facts, having claimed Jennifer has been “pregnant and alone” at least nine times this past year, making them the second least reliable source… just after STAR. Haha.

Written by Merema Leures

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