Mary-Kate Olsen’s Wedding to Olivier Sarkozy “Will Trigger Anorexia Battle,” Claims Mag

mary-kate olsen olivier marry skinnyMary-Kate Olsen could potentially relapse into an eating disorder now that she’s gearing up to wed her fiance, Olivier Sarkozy.

Friends close to the fashion designer are worried that Mary-Kate will stress herself over looking perfect for her big day to the point where she’ll face another eating disorder, claims OK!.

How disgusting of them to make up this nonsense.

Pals “worry that her obsession with looking perfect in her [wedding] dress will re-trigger an eating disorder,” a supposed “source” tells the magazine.

“She’s kept it under control for so long…The last thing anyone wants is for her past demons to come back and haunt her during the happiest time of her life.”

There’s no denying that Mary-Kate Olsen has had some issues with anorexia in the past — perhaps seven years ago — so for a magazine to blatantly write a story up on how she could potentially relapse because of supposed “stress,” is very disturbing.

From the photos we’ve seen of the starlet recently, she’s looking healthy, happy and wedding plans have never been discussed in public, so I’m wondering how OK! knows this, unless they snuck up into her bedroom and listened to her conversations.

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