Dr. Dre Confirms Apple Acquiring ‘Beats by Dre’ for $3.2 Billion —...

Dr. Dre Confirms Apple Acquiring ‘Beats by Dre’ for $3.2 Billion — VIDEO


dr dre beats appleDr. Dre has confirmed his billion dollar deal with Apple following the news the company was in talks to take over the Beats by Dre business.

Yesterday afternoon, several reports claimed Apple had approached Dre and co-founder of the headphone line, Jimmy Iovine, and from what was said, the two were definitely interested in hearing how much the tech company were willing to offer.

$3.2 billion! Yup, no mistake in that!

Apple are reportedly wanting to take over the business initially started by Dre and Jimmy so that they can expand their forthcoming features for the upcoming iPhone 6.

The deal would see Apple become the new owners of Beats by Dre and the recently-founded music streaming site Beats Music which has already been backed up celebrities such as Lady Gaga and Ellen Degeneres.

The rapper posted a video of himself with good pal Tyrese on YouTube last night and it seemed like the two were celebrating the fact that Dre has now become the first billionaire from Compton, also meaning that he will now be placed at number 1 on Forbes richest rappers.

It’s a tremendous achievement. To think that Dr. Dre went from hustling in the hood to become a well-respected man in Hip-Hop and now, one of the biggest entrepreneurs in the world — richer than Diddy, richer than Jay-Z, richer than any rapper alive!

The deal is well deserved — congratulations Dre!



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