Jane Fonda Cheating and Hooking Up With Russell Crowe as Boyfriend’s Health...

Jane Fonda Cheating and Hooking Up With Russell Crowe as Boyfriend’s Health Worsens — REPORT

jane fonda russell crowe love

jane fonda russell crowe loveJane Fonda is allegedly trying to hook up with Russell Crowe who happens to be 25 years younger than her, but nevertheless, she’s willing to make this relationship work.

The ridiculous, but also super hilarious report is coming from the National Enquirer who go into detail on how Jane’s recent encounter with Russell has made her feel some type of way about the famous actor. She’s supposedly developed a crush on him, their sources say.

“Jane is gaga over Russell. When she wrapped up her scenes, she got his phone number and email address. She’s been sending him flirty messages and suggesting they get together once their schedules allow.”

Ah yes, and the National Enquirer knows this how? Did they snoop into Jane’s phone while she wasn’t paying attention or how would they know what kind of message she’s allegedly sending to Crowe, if she’s sending any texts at all.

The tabloid seems to have done their research this time though, since they also made up a funny lie about Jane’s boyfriend.

You see, Jane has been in a strong relationship with Richard Perry for the last few years now, but according to the mag, Richard’s health issues are becoming too much for Jane to deal with, so being in contact with Russell lifts her spirits up.

“After dealing with Richard’s health woes, hanging with a guy as virile as Russell must have been a fun distraction for her,” a supposed source tells the tabloid.

Wow, never did I think a tabloid magazine could stoop so low. I highly doubt Jane is hooking up with an arrogant guy like Russell Crowe, let alone have the thoughts of cheating on her boyfriend.



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