Lady Gaga Blasts Katy Perry For Copying Green Hair and Touring Props!

Lady Gaga Blasts Katy Perry For Copying Green Hair and Touring Props!


katy perry lady gaga feudLady Gaga seems to be mad at Katy Perry for copying her style.

The singer took to her official Twitter page last night, subliminally shading Katy’s outfits on her Prismatic tour which took place two days ago.

Gaga feels that the show itself was very much idolized by her because of the fact that Katy head mechanical horses on stage, and the fact that her hair was green supposedly also shows how much she was inspired by Mother Monster herself.

Umm… okay?

Lady Gaga clearly wasn’t happy with what she says was a total copied version of her past work: “It looks like green hair and mechanical horses are the thing now,” she said, hours after Katy performed her first Prismatic show.

Then again, what is original in the music industry these days? Everybody copies from each other, though I’m really struggling to see evidence where Katy is mimicking Gaga’s style.

Gaga seems mad at Perry for stealing her style, but Gaga didn’t seem bothered with Madonna publicly stated she saw a lot of herself in the singer’s music — especially Born This Way, which the Pop Queen said sounded a lot like her song, Express Yourself.

So let me get this straight — it’s okay for Lady Gaga to copy other people, but when they “copy” her stuff then she has the right to slam them on social media?



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