Mila Kunis Shares Weird Pregnancy Cravings, Talks Baby’s Gender On Ellen — VIDEO

mila kunis ellen pregnantMila Kunis made an appearance on Ellen earlier this week to not only dish on how her pregnancy is going, but what she craves for during the remaining months before she’s due to pop.

The actress is still keeping quiet on when she’s expected to give birth. Even when Ellen Degeneres pushed to get an answer out of the Family Guy starlet, Mila joked that it’ll definitely be sometime this year. Awww.

Kunis went on to tell the talk-show host that her main cravings right now are sauerkraut and pickles, before sharing a story on how baby daddy Ashton Kutcher recently stocked up the fridge with random food.

Ashton did this so whenever Mila has “weird cravings,” she’ll already have everything she needs at home. Isn’t that sweet?

Gotta love Mila and the fact that she’s so private about her pregnancy — she only revealed the news earlier this year because her baby bump was starting to grow and it was only appropriate for her to announce it than a messy entertainment outlet.

Ellen believes that Mila and Ashton are having a baby boy, to which Mila responded to by saying “interesting,” whilst giving off a little smirk. Whether that means she’s actually having a boy is yet to be determined but congratulations to her and all the best.

Let’s hope Demi Moore will finally respect their privacy, because the streets have been talking… especially the tabloids who claim Demi is still “attached” to Ashton and can’t seem to let go.

1 Comment

1 Comment


    May 9, 2014 at 8:11 pm

    its so funny how they hooked up after years and years. goes to show what will be will be

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